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CPU Core Overview

XiangShan-2 (NANHU) support single-core and dual-core configurations, where each core has its own private L1/L2 cache. L3 is shared by multiple cores.

NANHU communicates with the uncore through 3 AXI interfaces, including the memory port, the DMA port and the peripheral port. It also has clock, reset, and JTAG interfaces. Please refer to the integration guide for more detailed information.

NANHU targets 2GHz@14nm, and 2.4GHz~2.8GHz@7nm.

Typical Configurations

Below is the typical NANHU core configurations:

Feature NANHU (XiangShan-2)
Pipeline stage 11
Decoder width 6
Rename width 6
ROB 256
Physical register 192(integer), 192(float)
Load Queue 80
Store Queue 64
L1 Instruction Cache 64KB/128KB (4/8-way)
L1 Data Cache 64KB/128KB(4/8 way)
L2 Cache 512KB/1MB, 8-way, non inclusive
L3 Cache 2MB~8MB, 8-way, non inclusive
Physical RF size 192x64 bits, 14R8W
ECC Support Y
Virtual Memory Support Y
Physical memory protection Y
Virtualization N
Vector N

ISA Support

Instruction Set Description
I Integer
M Integer Multiplication and Division
A Atomics
F Single-Precision Floating-Point
D Double-Precision Floating-Point
C 16-bit Compressed Instructions
Zba Bitmanip Extension - address generation
Zbb Bitmanip Extension - basic bit manipulation
Zbc Bitmanip Extension - carryless multiplication
Zbs Bitmanip Extension - single-bit instructions
zbkb Cryptography Extensions - Bitmanip instructions
Zbkc Cryptography Extensions - Carry-less multiply instructions
zbkx Cryptography Extensions - Crossbar permutation instructions
zknd Cryptography Extensions - AES Decryption
zkne Cryptography Extensions - AES Encryption
zknh Cryptography Extensions - Hash Function Instructions
zksed Cryptography Extensions - SM4 Block Cipher Instructions
zksh Cryptography Extensions - SM3 Hash Function Instructions
svinval Fine-Grained Address-Translation Cache Invalidation

Priviledge Mode

NANHU supports three levels of privilege mode: machine (M), supervisor (S), and user (U).


Please refer to Section CPU Core for more details.